Disclaimer for Paws Swim Therapy

Paws Swim Therapy is not a veterinary clinic and I am not a veterinarian. The services provided are not medical procedures, I receive refferals from your veterinarian and have the co-operation of veterinarians. For dogs recovering from surgery or any other veterinary procedure, all diagnosis and treatment must be recommended, approved and monitored by a veterinarian. At no time will Paws Swim Therapy, diagnose, recommend treatment methods and/or determine the health of your dog. Any consultation provided by Paws Swim Therapy is intended solely as a review of the referring veterinarian’s recommendations.

Paws Swim Therapy is not responsible for any injuries incurred by dogs or their guardians as a result of the use of the pool. Dogs must be on leash while in the pool and must be supervised by their guardians at all times. U Swim programs are for guardians who wish to swim their dogs themselves. No protocol has been established by Paws Swim Therapy and guardians are responsible for the safety and well being of their dog and themselves while in and out of the pool. No formal supervision is provided but I will be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance as required. Rules of the pool and signs of exhaustion are clearly posted by the pool wall.

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