Paws Swim Therapy is located, 25 minutes south-west of Barrie at 180 Parsons Road, Unit #12 in Alliston, Ontario. It is the first Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Simcoe County offering an 8’x16’ warm salt water pool aiding in the rehabilitation of dogs since 2010.

We provide a safe, loving, relaxing environment for you and your canine friend to enjoy. Our above-ground fiberglass pool is accessible by a ramp onto a deck with gradual steps into the water. Our facility is equipped with a shower and change area along with a U-Wash dog station. All appointments are one-on-one sessions with the canine hydrotherapist. Depending on the health, wellness, and behaviour of your dog during each session, the time can vary, so please plan on being with us for at least an hour each visit. Please ask your veterinarian for a referral to ensure that swim therapy is right for your dog.

Our Mission at Paws Swim Therapy is to help rehabilitate your canine companion to the best of our ability through hydrotherapy.

Welcome, let’s go for a swim!




Hydrotherapy is the controlled use of buoyancy and resistance of water for therapeutic reasons. Read more…



Most insurance companies should cover alternative therapies, including hydrotherapy. Read more…

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